GT 3.1 Party elites’ attitudes and strategies towards the social and political inclusion of immigrant minorities

Santiago Pérez-Nievas Montiel (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid)
Guillermo Cordero García (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid)
The social and political inclusion of immigrant minorities has attracted increasing academic and political interest over the last few years. A great deal of the debate has focused on whether parties and their elites follow substantive representation strategies –advocating on behalf of the social and political rights of migrant minorities-; descriptive representation strategies –that is, including migrant minorities as candidates to the electoral process -; a combination of the former two approaches, or no strategy at all. Additionally, in contexts where immigration has become politicized, party elites might take into account –or alternatively they might want to shape- the attitudes of autochthonous voters towards immigration, thus bringing this issue into competitive party politics. This panel invites papers looking at the role of parties and party elites in the social and political inclusion of migrant minorities at the local, regional or the national level. What type of strategies, if any, do parties follow in this regard? Do they incorporate immigrant social and political rights to their party platforms? Do they additionally include them as candidates to the electoral process? or Do they adapt to potentially hostile attitudes of some of the autochthonous voters or competing party elites? To what extent parties and party elites responses are conditioned by their ideology or size; by party system factors, or the demands of inclusion by specific groups? Are some parties more prone than others to follow any of the former strategies? Do certain parties tend to accommodate specific immigrant minorities? Communications providing a strong empirical background are particularly welcomed.
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Día: viernes, 12 de julio de 2019
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