Individual members

We are around 600 people who have decided to be part of this project. By joining us you will contribute to the development of Political Science and Public Administration, to promote research and encourage scientific and professional cooperation, to publicise scientific-political activities, to guarantee opportunities for participations in the association activities by means of grant and scholarship programs, as well as making it possible to publish the Revista Española de Ciencia Política (Spanish Journal of Political Science).


Participation in the community of political scientists

  • Participate in the scientific community to share ideas and opportunities for academic careers with the permanent groups.
  • Participate in the AECPA PhD seminar to learn methodologies and to become acquainted with professors of reference.
  • The chance to opt for the AECPA awards in their five categories: monographic, book chapter, article, PhD thesis, Congress lecture.
  • Inclusion in a database of experts on various subjects created by AECPA.
  • Possibility to use spaces to organise seminars and meetings.

Access and publication of information

Publication services. Members can benefit from our news distribution system (website, newsletter and social media) to:

  • Receive the newsletter
  • Publish activities that are organised
  • Publish and receive job offers and scholarships
  • Disseminate publications and journals

Teaching innovation

  • Possibility to submit an entry in the AECPA Award for Teaching Innovation
  • Access to the library of teaching innovation projects

Participation in Congresses

  • Participation in the AECPA Congresses: possibility to organise and coordinate working groups
  • Access to the AECPA Congresses paper room
  • Reduced prices on registration for the AECPA Congresses and those organised by the Associations of Political Science comprised within the European Confederation of Political Science Associations (ECPSA) and numerous Associations of Political Science in Latin America


Members who are up to date on payment of their fees are entitled to the following:

  1. Attend the General Assembly sessions, participate in the deliberations and exercise their right to vote.
  2. Elect and be eligible to the positions of the Governing Board.
  3. Participate in the activities of the Association.
  4. Send to the Governing Board, directly or through the General Assembly, any suggestions that may contribute to the better fulfilment of the association’s purposes.

Individual member fees

a) Master's students €30

b) PhD students, retired professors and unemployed graduates €50

c) Members who do not have an indefinite term contract (assistants, post-docs, emeritus, associates) €70

d) Members who have an indefinite term contract, civil servants and others €100

The fees are assigned automatically based on the category shown on the member's profile when the invoices are issued. Confirmation of the category is requested annually for a, b and c memberships.

Categories c and d will pay an inscription fee (€60).

In any case the inscription fee will be charged to those who wish to sign up with the Association after having previously been members in the c) or d) categories and who lost their membership due to not having paid their fees.