Collective or institucional members


Departments, areas, university colleges, whether public or private, that teach political science and public administration at any of the university academic levels, research centres, etc. can join AECPA as collective members.


Revista Española de Ciencia Política (RECP) (Spanish Journal of Political Science)

Institutional members receive a paper copy for their library. RECP publishes 3 issues per year.

Publication services

Institutional members can benefit from our news distribution system (website, newsletter and social media) to:

  • publish their academic offer: courses, seminars, research events, etc.
  • publish job offers and scholarships
  • send institutional messages
  • disseminate their publications and journals


AECPA leads activities, congresses and seminars aimed at increasing members’ scientific skills. Institutional members can participate with preferential status in the activities and make proposals.


AECPA awards grants and assistance for institutional members to participate in the activities organised by the association.

Presence in the AECPA congress stands

Institutional members can set up stands to publicise their services and products at the AECPA congresses.


Collective or Institutional Members of the Association are entitled to:

  1. Join the General Assembly by appointing an individual to represent it.
  2. Participate in all of the activities of the Association.
  3. Communicate to the Governing Board any initiatives or suggestions that may contribute to the better fulfilment of the association’s purposes
  4. Be part of the Association’s Academic Council.

Institutional member fees

  • Annual fee of €300

Procedure to join as a collective or institutional member

A representative of the institution will request to join AECPA as an institutional member, with reference to the meeting where it was agreed to apply for membership, entity, date, etc. and stating the information of the contact person: surnames and name, telephone, postal address, email and website of the institution.

The application will be addressed to Arantxa Elizondo Lopetegui, President of AECPA, and will be sent by post or by email to:

Montalbán, 8. 28014 Madrid

Once it is received by AECPA, an acknowledgement of receipt will be issued.

Once the Governing Board has ratified the incorporation of the institution as a collective or institutional member, the AECPA general secretary will notify the representative/ contact person by email of the acceptance and their inclusion with AECPA, providing the access data to their account [user codes, email, password].