Moral Education and Good Citizenship: The teaching of LGBTIQ-phobia in Ugandan schools

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Caroline Morgan Adams (Universidad Complutense Madrid)
Sesión 4, Sesión 4
Día: jueves, 8 de septiembre de 2022
Hora: 11:00 a 12:45
Lugar: Aula B4 (24)

Moral discipline, good citizenship education and jingoism are pivotal players in popularizing lgbtiqphobia in Ugandan society and in teaching hate and exclusion within its school system. Although lgbtiqphobic laws can be dated back to the Indian Penal Code and were continued through Uganda’s protectorate period, its emanation truly stems from Yoweri Museveni’s coming to power and claiming of presidency in 1986. Since Museveni’s acquisition, the partnering betwixt Born-Again Churches’ and foreign and national political and social activists have forayed into religious gambits. The haltingly relocation of discourses and bestirring public outrage from church pulpits to political and social public alters in education and public policy drive to re-educate in hate and bedevilment of nonheteronormative sexual orientation in search of the beseeming citizen.

The virulence of non-heterosexual sexual orientation and the lgbtiq community has grown in strength over the past four decades beginning with the Transformation Movement of the 1990s, to PEPFAR and PIACSY programs of the 2000s, to The Uganda Declaration and Anti-Homosexuality Bill to the recent proliferation of the sex education recantation. Furthermore, the influx of external funding belied as nonpartisan aid act as catalysts for the implementation of the transformation of abstinence-only sex education and the indoctrination of solely morally acceptable heteronormative sexual orientation, dominating educational campaigns.

This study carries out an investigative research design by using constructivist theory toanalyze the changes that have occurred over the past twenty years in Uganda’s education system, focusing on the promotion of moral education and good citizenship. It applies an intersectional lens to determine how LGBTIQ-phobia has grown in such strength and depths through a “multi-level analysis that link individual experiences to broader structures and systems [which] are crucial for revealing how power relations are shaped and experienced.”(Hankivsky) (2014)

How have moral discipline, good citizenship education and jingoism embarked the acclivity of exclusive heteronormative domination? What role is the education system being employed to disseminate a Lgbtiqphobic society in Uganda, galvanizing this teaching in hate and repudiating lgbitq human rights?

Palabras clave: Lgbtiqphobia, Education, Religion, Politics, Morality