The 2025 IPSA World Congress Website Now Online

The 28th IPSA World Congress of Political Science website is now online! The 2025 IPSA World Congress of Political Science will be held at the Coex Convention & Exhibition Center in Seoul, South Korea, as a fully in-person event from 12-16 July 2025 under the theme Resisting Autocratization in Polarized Societies.

The Congress website,, features details on the World Congress theme and program, important deadlines, registration fees, venue information, the procedure to apply for a Korean visa, and useful information about Seoul, a fascinating and unique destination with a dual character of ancient traditions and ultra-modern technological lifestyles. The city offers a wealth of experiences, with each visit providing a unique perspective.

The 2025 IPSA World Congress of Political Science will be a fully in-person event. This decision by the IPSA Executive Committee aims to maximize the benefits of in-person interactions, essential for networking and collaboration. Participants can engage more fully in sessions, workshops, and presentations, facilitating dynamic discussions and enhancing the learning experience. The focused environment minimizes distractions, and the reliability of in-person participation eliminates technological disruptions, ensuring a smooth and consistent conference experience. Additionally, holding the World Congress in Seoul offers a unique opportunity for cultural exchange, allowing attendees to experience South Korea’s rich history and traditions. 

The Congress will provide you with a great opportunity to present your work and discuss political science and international relations with global scholars. It will also include local and regional representation. The Local Organizing Committee (LOC) is composed of colleagues from three regional countries: The Korean Political Science Association (KPSA), the Japanese Political Science Association (JPSA), and the Chinese Association of Political Science, Taipei (CAPS). The Congress will also coexist with the annual World Congress of the Korean Political Science Association (KPSA).





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