IPSA Newsletter May 2012


22nd IPSA World Congress of Political Science, Madrid (Spain)

Paper Upload Deadline Extended to June 15

Due to many requests, the deadline for papers to be uploaded has been extended to June 15, 2012. Papers must be in the following format:

• In French or English

• Spanish for LOC panels ONLY

• No longer than 25 pages, single-spaced on A4 or letter-size page

• Font: Arial, Size: 12

• Document format: PDF

Seeking Panel Chairs and Discussants

Are you presenting a paper at the World Congress?  Would you be interested in serving as a chair or discussant on other panel(s)? Write to madrid2012@ipsa.org indicating your area of interest and you may be selected to serve as a panel chair or discussant.

Javier Solana to Present Plenary at World Congress

IPSA is pleased to announce that Javier Solana will present the final plenary session at the World Congress. Titled “Key Challenges in a Globalized World,” the session will be held on Wednesday, July 11 at 1 p.m.

Javier Solana has held the world’s highest political offices: He served as Secretary General of NATO from 1995 to 1999, and EU High Representative for Common Foreign and Security Policy from 1999 to 2009. As a key player and a keen observer of the sea changes that have occurred at the international level in the last 17 years, Mr. Solana will discuss the emerging challenges faced by societies in a post-postmodern century.

For a description of Mr. Solana’s plenary, please go to http://www.ipsa.org/my-ipsa/events/madrid2012/schedule/key-challenges-globalized-world

International Symposium on the Global Political Economy and the 108th IPSA Executive Committee Meeting, Tokyo (Japan)

The 108th IPSA Executive Committee Meeting was held at the modern Waseda University in Tokyo, Japan from April 14 to 15, 2012. The meetings were a resounding success.

In keeping with IPSA tradition, the meetings were held in conjunction with academic activities presented by the International Political Science Association, the Japanese Political Science Association, GLOPE II, Waseda University and the Suntory Foundation. On April 16, Dr. Leonardo Morlino, President of IPSA, and Helen Milner, First Vice President of IPSA, delivered a special lecture at the International Symposium on Global Political Economy, which was held at Waseda University’s Masaru Ibuka Auditorium in Tokyo, Japan.


Phenomena such as Japan’s economic decline following the tragic earthquake of 2011 and the continued financial turmoil in the EU sparked by Greek debt crisis can no longer be treated as domestic economic problems. This symposium highlights the significance of efforts to better understand our human society by studying political economy from a global perspective.


“Democracies in Hard Times, Facing Financial Crisis in Europe”

Leonardo Morlino, President of IPSA, Professor, LUISS, Italy

“Globalization and International Governance”

Helen Milner, First Vice President of IPSA, Professor, Princeton University, USA


Yoshiko Kojo, University of Tokyo

Aiji Tanaka, Waseda University

(Leader of GLOPE II).

Click here to view the complete video of these speeches (2h28)

First IPSA-NUS Summer School for Research Methods in Social and Political Science (Singapore)

The International Political Science Association and the department of political science at the National University of Singapore are proud to announce the first IPSA-NUS Summer School for Research Methods in Social and Political Science.

The first event of its kind in Asia, the school runs from June 25 to July 6, 2012, at the National University of Singapore. It offers intensive training in advanced social science research methods, and all courses are given by outstanding faculty from the U.S. and Europe with relevant teaching experience.

While the summer school is geared primarily to graduate students, post-doctoral fellows and junior faculty working in the social sciences, anyone intent on improving their qualitative or quantitative research skills may enroll.

For details on courses, registration and scholarships, please visit http://sg-summerschool.ipsa.org/. If you have any questions, please contact Eugene Tan at ipsa@nus.edu.sg.

International Political Science Review (IPSR) - Editorial Transition

We would like to announce an editorial transition at the International Political Science Review. Yvonne Galligan provided IPSR with splendid editorial guidance for six years. Most recently, she helped launch several important innovations at IPSR, including Online First, the Editors’ Choice theme feature, which makes articles available electronically before they appear in the print issue of IPSR, and the organization of the Meisel-Laponce Award in recognition of the best article published in IPSR since IPSA’s XXIst World Congress in Santiago, Chile, in July 2009. Last year, Yvonne notified the IPSA Executive Committee of her intention to step down as editor of IPSR. The Executive Committee proceeded to appoint a sub-committee of the EC Publications Committee for purposes of soliciting applications to succeed Yvonne. Many fine applications were submitted, attesting to IPSR’s widespread support throughout the world. The search committee nominated Marian Sawer to replace Yvonne, and IPSA’s Executive Committee has unanimously voted to offer Marian the position of Senior Editor of IPSR. Marian will join Mark Kesselman as Senior Editor at IPSA’s World Congress in Madrid in July. Yvonne has graciously agreed to work with Marian and Mark through 2012 to ensure a smooth editorial transition.

Marian is a distinguished scholar and public intellectual. She has published books and articles on liberal ideology, democratic institutions, women’s political representation, women’s policy machinery and women’s movements. Marian is the former head of the political science program, and she is currently Emeritus Professor at the Australian National University. She is the former president of the Australian Political Studies Association, which presented her with its Lifetime Achievement Award in 2009. She was elected to the IPSA Executive Committee in 2006. No stranger to IPSR, Marian published an article titled “What Makes the Substantive Representation of Women Possible?” in the June issue of IPSR. We look forward to working with Marian with the objective of maintaining and consolidating IPSR’s position as a leading international political science journal.

IPSA's Longest-Running Publication

Created in 1951, the INTERNATIONAL POLITICAL SCIENCE ABSTRACTS is among the most important sources of bibliographical information for researchers and students in political science and in related fields. Six issues annually provide about 8,000 abstracts of articles selected from among nearly 1,000 journals and yearbooks worldwide. Now in its 60th year, the print edition has been published by SAGE London since 2007. Editor Paul Godt and co-editor Serge Hurtig invite IPSA members to subscribe at the special price of US$85 (contact membership@ipsa.org). Libraries and other institutions interested in the fully searchable online database are asked to contact EBSCO (database from Vol. 1, Issue 1) or Ovid (since 1989), each of which offers substantial discounts to developing countries.

What’s new on the IPSAPortal?

News from the IPSAPortal:

1) Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have launched edX, a new partnership in online education. Based on the MITx platform, edX will offer complimentary Harvard and MIT courses, including video lessons, embedded testing, feedback, questions and answers, and collaborative Web-based laboratories. A first set of courses will be announced in the summer, with courses scheduled to start in the fall of 2012. (Schools and departments on the IPSAPortal)

2) The Study Centre for the European Project Site (Europressresearch) has trained its focus on the recent French Presidential elections, offering several comments on the principal traits of the new French political perspectives and challenges. (Research Institutes on the IPSAPortal)

3)    At the initiative of its leading scholars, the Hoover Institution of Stanford University sponsors a debate on the U.S. presidential elections, with contributions available in video or audio format. (Research Institutes on the IPSAPortal)

4) The Political Communication Lab website features contributions on campaign ads, the Republican presidential primary and the role of media in the presidential race. All the Republican campaign ads are available on the website. (Thematic Networks on the IPSAPortal)

5) The May 2012 issue of Party Politics takes a comprehensive look at competition between political parties as well as their organization and financing, with numerous case studies cited. (Journal Feeds on the IPSAPortal)

Political Science News

Online Memorial to Guillermo O'Donnell (1936-2011)

Dear friends and colleagues:

Thank you for sharing your reflections on the legacy and impact of the work of Guillermo O’Donnell. Your testimonials, in writing and on video, helped to mark a remarkable tribute to Guillermo in Buenos Aires. Guillermo was an amazing person who had a huge impact, and it was an honour to celebrate his life and work with so many people who were touched by him.

Many others wrote papers or served as discussants during a conference presented in Buenos Aires on “Guillermo O’Donnell and the Study of Democracy.” The conference was organized by the University of Notre Dame’s Kellogg Institute for International Studies in conjunction with colleagues from the University of San Andrés, the University of Buenos Aires, the Universidad Nacional de San Martín, the Asociación Nacional de Politólogos, the Argentine Society of Political Analysis, the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars’ Latin American Program, and the United Nations Development Program.

We were impressed by the hard work that went into the conference and deeply moved by the tributes.

We would like to share with you a tribute Web page on Guillermo’s life and legacy. Click on the following link for access to the letters we have received, and for links to other tributes, press reports and a slightly edited version of the video tribute presented in Buenos Aires on March 27. And please share it with others who may be interested.


Finally, the conference co-organizers, Dan Brinks, Marcelo Leiras and Scott Mainwaring, are reviewing and editing the papers from the conference for an academic volume we intend to publish with a major university press. Guillermo, we believe, would be pleased. Scott Mainwaring, Steve Reifenberg and Sharon Schierling

MIT and Harvard announce EdX that will offer classes online for free

Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) today announced edX, a transformational new partnership in online education. Through edX, the two institutions will collaborate to enhance campus-based teaching and learning and build a global community of online learners.

EdX will build on both universities’ experience in offering online instructional content. The technological platform recently established by MITx, which will serve as the foundation for the new learning system, was designed to offer online versions of MIT courses featuring video lesson segments, embedded quizzes, immediate feedback, student-ranked questions and answers, online laboratories, and student paced learning. Certificates of mastery will be available for those motivated and able to demonstrate their knowledge of the course material.

MIT and Harvard expect that over time other universities will join them in offering courses on the edX platform. The gathering of many universities’ educational content together on one site will enable learners worldwide to access the course content of any participating university from a single website, and to use a set of online educational tools shared by all participating universities.

EdX will release its learning platform as open source software so it can be used by other universities and organizations who wish to host the platform themselves. Because the learning technology will be available as open-source software, other universities and individuals will be able to help edX improve and add features to the technology.

MIT and Harvard will use the jointly operated edX platform to research how students learn and how technologies can facilitate effective teaching both on-campus and online. The edX platform will enable the study of which teaching methods and tools are most successful. The findings of this research will be used to inform how faculty use technology in their teaching, which will enhance the experience for students on campus and for the millions expected to take advantage of these new online offerings.

“EdX represents a unique opportunity to improve education on our own campuses through online learning, while simultaneously creating a bold new educational path for millions of learners worldwide,” MIT President Susan Hockfield said.

Harvard President Drew Faust said, “edX gives Harvard and MIT an unprecedented opportunity to dramatically extend our collective reach by conducting groundbreaking research into effective education and by extending online access to quality higher education.”

“Harvard and MIT will use these new technologies and the research they will make possible to lead the direction of online learning in a way that benefits our students, our peers, and people across the nation and the globe,” Faust continued.


Discover DiploNews

DiploNews is the authoritative one-stop source and world-leading provider for diplomatic and foreign policy information.

Our proprietary system works 24/7 to gather, sort and centralize information directly from official state and international organizations. As a result, DiploNews members easily find the information they need and increase their understanding of world developments.

What’s more, readers receive a free subscription to DiploWeek, a summary of the week’s diplomatic events, which can be read in about 15 minutes. DiploWeek is delivered via email every Friday.

Today, its archives represent approximately 2 million A4 pages, and 33% of its readership is based in the U.S.

DiploNews centralise l'information diplomatique et de politique étrangère délivrée par les Etats et les organisations internationales en un seul serveur, actualisé 24/7.

Les utilisateurs facilitent leur lecture et augmentent leur compréhension de l'actualité internationale grâce au tri préalable et aux documents originaux réalisés par l'équipe du site. A ce jour, les archives représentent l'équivalent de 2 millions de pages A4.

Développé par une société Française, DiploNews réalise 33% de son lectorat aux Etats-Unis et constitue le leader mondial de l'information diplomatique en ligne.

Le lecteur peut recevoir gratuitement, chaque Vendredi et par email, la lettre hebdomadaire DiploWeek qui permet une lecture de l'actualité diplomatique de la semaine, en 15 minutes chrono.


Books by Members

Global Tobacco Control: Power, Policy, Governance and Transfer

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A Life of Learning and Other Pleasures

By John Meisel autobiography/personal memoirs More information ...

De l'urgence à l'incertitude. La construction politique de l'écologie

Par Maurice Satineau Plus d'information ...

The Consequences of the Global Financial Crisis. The Rhetoric of Reform and Regulation

Edited by Wyn Grant, Graham K. Wilson More information ...

Tendencias en la producción de conocimiento sobre política comparada en América Latina

Edited by Mirta Geary, Juan Bautista Lucca, Cintia Pinillos More information ...

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The Health and Wealth of US Capitalism: A Critical Condition?

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Social Movements and Political Change in North Africa: Shaping Technologies for Change

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Summer School & Estoril Political Forum 2012

18-27 June, 2012 Brussels & Lisbon, Portugal

Second Joint PhD Symposium on South East Europe

18 June, 2012 London, United States

10th Annual International Conference on Politics & International Affairs

18-21 June, 2012 Athens, Greece

Conflict, Peace and the Production of Knowledge

19-20 June, 2012 Exeter, United Kingdom

2012 ECPR Research Sessions

19-22 June, 2012 Florence, France

CCNER-WZB Workshop "Data Linkages in Cross-National Electoral Research"

20 June, 2012 Berlin, Germany


21-22 June, 2012 Paris, France

Democracy in Crisis – Critiques of Democracy. International Graduate Conference

21-22 June, 2012Giessen, Germany

The Consequences of Political Scandal

21-23 June, 2012 Shippensburg, United States

2nd Annual General Conference of the European Political Science Association

21-23 June, 2012 Berlin, Germany

The Conservatives in Coalition Government: Principles, Policy and Power

22 June, 2012 Hull, United Kingdom

Political Studies Association of Ireland Postgraduate Conference 2012

22-23 June, 2012 Maynooth, Ireland

UNNC Summer School

23 June-7 July, 2012 Ningbo, China

Parliaments in Changing Times

24-27 June, 2012 Dublin, Ireland

Between the Global and the Local: Actors, Institutions and Processes

24-26 June, 2012 Prague, Czech Republic

8th Annual Conference - The Future of Multiculturalism: Structures, Integration Policies and Practices

26-27 June, 2012 Guildford, United Kingdom

Moral and Political Perspectives on Democracy

27-28 June, 2012 Geneva, Switzerland

New Perspectives on Regulation, Governance and Learning

27-29 June, 2012 Exeter, United Kingdom

The 'Diversity Turn': Cultural Policies, Governance, and National Minorities

28-29 June, 2012 Exeter, United Kingdom

Franco-German relations - 28th annual conference

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28-30 June, 2012 Portsmouth, United Kingdom

Prague Summer School

30 June-7 July, 2012 Prague, Czech Republic

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5-6 October, 2012 Buffalo, United States

Deadline: 1 June, 2012

ICSA VII World Congress: Brave New World? Genetic Engineering & Human Dignity

2-5 August, 2012 Pasadena, United States

Deadline: 1 June, 2012

The Bologna Reform and Beyond: Globalizing Education in the 21st Century

19-20 October, 2012 Urbana-Champaign, United States

Deadline: 1 June, 2012

Political Studies Association Media and Politics Group 2012 Annual Conference

1-2 November, 2012 Luton, United Kingdom

Deadline: 8 June, 2012

The CONCEPTA Research Training Seminar for postgraduate students and early career scholars. "The Concepts of Republic: Local, Regional and International"

6-7 December, 2012 St. Petersburg, Russia

Deadline: 22 June, 2012

2012 RISC Conference “Globalization, Violence and Security: Local Impacts of Regional Integration” 30 October-1 November, 2012

Mexico, Mexico

Deadline: 30 June, 2012

Second ESF-ZiF-UniBi Research Conference

9-13 December, 2012 Bielefeld, Germany

Deadline: 1 July, 2012

Call for Papers (Journal)

Journal of comparative politics (JCP)

Deadline: 31 May, 2012

Indian Journal of Political Science

Deadline: 1 June, 2012

Portuguese Journal of Political Science

Deadline: 29 June, 2012

Études irlandaises (French Journal of Irish Studies)

Deadline: 30 June, 2012

Foro Interno: Anuario de Teoría Política (In Spanish)

Deadline: 1 July, 2012

Perspectivas - Portuguese Journal of Political Science and International Relations

Deadline: 31 July, 2012

Revista Brasileira de Política Internacional (RBPI)

Deadline: 31 July, 2012

New Book Series | The European Union in International Affairs

Deadline: 1 August, 2012

South American Journal of Political Science (1)

Deadline: 31 August, 2012

Revista Política

Deadline: 10 September, 2012

South American Journal of Political Science (2)

Deadline: 31 October, 2012


Deadline: 30 November, 2012

Job, Fellowship & Internship Offers

University College Dublin PhD Scholarships

Dublin, Ireland

Director of the Programme on 'Cultural Diversity in a Globalised World

San Domenico di Fiesole, Italy

Chair in Global City Futures

Glasgow, United Kingdom

Professeur en science politique, spécialisé en relations internationales

Toulouse, France

2x Postdoctoral research fellow (1 in Philosophy/Political Theory & 1 in Law)

Oslo, Norway

1 PhD studentship in the area of Elections, Public Opinion and Parties

Leicester, United Kingdom

2 PhD studentships in Comparative Perspective: How Do Democratic Governments Respond to Different Expressions of Public Opinion?

Leicester, United Kingdom

Post-Doctoral Fellowship Residency at CIGI

Waterloo, Canada

Research Opportunities: Sabbatical at CIGI

Waterloo, Canada


Concours Salvador Allende | Essay Contest on Salvador Allende and his government

Deadline: 31 May, 2012

Francesco Kjellberg Award for Outstanding Papers Presented by New Scholars

Deadline: 1 June, 2012

Stein Rokkan Award

Deadline: 1 June, 2012

Wilma Rule Award: IPSA Award for the Best Paper on Gender and Politics

Deadline: 8 June, 2012

Brian Farrell Book Prize 2012. For Best Book Published in Political Science in 2011

Deadline: 15 June, 2012

Fulbright Scholar Program awards for 2013-2014 in the field of peace and conflict resolution

Deadline: 1 August, 2012

Josep Mª Vilaseca i Marcet Award

Deadline: 15 September, 2012

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