IPSA Newsletter January 2013

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Call for Panels and Papers for the ISSC World Social Science Forum (WSSF) **Extended Deadline**

The International Social Science Council’s second World Social Science Forum (WSSF) takes place in Montreal (Canada) from October 13 to 15, 2013. The WSSF is organized in partnership with a Canadian consortium led by the Montreal-based secretariat of the International Political Science Association (IPSA).

The theme and focus for the 2013 forum is “Social Transformations and the Digital Age.”

The Forum will include plenary presentation/discussion sessions and parallel panel presentations/discussion sessions.

Call for Panels

Groups of scholars are invited to submit an abstract for a panel to the WSSF 2013 website.

Panel sessions will last about two hours, and they should include three to six panelists and allow ample time for discussion.

Click here to propose a panel: http://www.wssf2013.org/propose-panel

Call for Papers

Individual scholars are invited to submit abstracts for papers to the WSSF. Submissions should include a title, a short abstract, and the name and affiliation of the author(s).

Click here to propose a paper: http://www.wssf2013.org/propose-paper

Call for Other Forms of Presentation

Scholars are invited to use digital technologies (subject to the availability of facilities at the conference venue) to present their work. Send a short description of your idea along with your full name and affiliation to info@wssf2013.org


  • The proposal deadline is February 5, 2013.
  • Applicants will be notified of decisions by April 2013.
  • Successful applicants are expected to provide an extended abstract (2,000 words) to the ISSC by no later than September 9, 2013.


2013 IPSA Membership Renewal

With more services to members than ever, IPSA has proudly launched its 2013 membership renewal campaign. We invite you to renew your membership or join our great organization.

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IPSA members enjoy numerous benefits, see here for more details.

  • Opening Ceremony of the 22nd IPSA World Congress of Political Science

The opening ceremony of the International Political Science Association’s 22nd World Congress of Political Science was held on July 8, 2012. The subsequent congress was held in Madrid (Spain) over a span of five days (July 8 to 12, 2012).

Click on the following link to view a 25-minute montage of the ceremony http://www.ipsa.org/news/news/opening-ceremony-22nd-ipsa-world-congress-political-science-madrid-july-8-2012

Master of ceremonias: Mr. Bernardo Navazo


- D. Jesus Maria Posada Moreno, Presidente del Congreso de los Deputados y Presidente de las Cortes (Spain) (in Spanish)


- Dr. Juan Luis Paniagua Soto, President of Asociación Española de Ciencia Política y de la Administración (AECPA) (in Spanish)

- Dr. Wyn Grant, Program Chair of the 22nd IPSA World Congress (in English)

- Dr. Leonardo Morlino, President, International Political Science Association (in English)

- Dna. Carmen Vela, Secretaria de Estado de Investigaçion Desarollo e Innovaçion (in Spanish)

Cultural Program

- Spanish dance and music

What’s new on the IPSAPortal?

News from the IPSAPortal:

1) Among the most pressing issues facing the Obama administration in recent months has been the “fiscal cliff” and its consequences in the court of public opinion. The Independent Institute casts an initial look at the winners and losers emerging from this debate, while the Pew Research Center tracks public attitudes concerning the issue as well as their impact during the past two years. Moreover, Gallup polls reveal some of the elements pertaining to the conduct expected of leaders and parties on this matter. (Special Collections on the IPSAPortal)

2) The Participedia project involving the creation of the world’s leading repository of information on civic participation, public deliberation, and collaborative governance was inaugurated in January 2013. Participedia is the first open-source participatory database to allow researchers and practitioners to catalogue information and compare case studies, methods and organizations with a view to improving political performance. Several organizations had a hand in developing Participedia, including the Deliberative Democracy Consortium. (Thematic Networks on the IPSAPortal)

3) After the recent gang rape and killing of a young woman in New Delhi and the subsequent protests, the Pew Research Center again highlights the issue of gender in India and worldwide through a new analysis of data collected in 2010. The data points to the coexistence of a tendency to support equality together with an acceptance of a different role for men and woman in the workplace and in higher education. (Thematic Sites on the IPSAPortal)

4) The debate on e-government – methods, tools, concepts – is the focus of the most recent issue of Information Polity, which features contributions on the objectives of social media innovations in public administration, organizational perspectives and the challenge of transparency, and the integration of data. (Journals on the IPSAPortal)

International Political Science Review (IPSR) - Volume 34, Number 1, January 2013

In this issue:

The new right and the welfare state: The electoral relevance of welfare chauvinism and welfare populism in the Netherlands

- Willem de Koster, Peter Achterberg, and Jeroen van der Waal

Worlds apart: The WTO’s Agreement on Agriculture and the right to food in developing countries

- Shona Hawkes and Jagjit Kaur Plahe

Dialogue or compliance? Measuring legislatures’ policy responses to court rulings on rights

- Emmett Macfarlane

Different but equally plausible narratives of policy transformation: A plea for theoretical pluralism

- Jeroen van der Heijden

Bribes and ballots: The impact of corruption on voter turnout in democracies

- Daniel Stockemer, Bernadette LaMontagne, and Lyle Scruggs

Measuring presidential powers: Some pitfalls of aggregate measurement

- Jessica Fortin

Available free to all IPSA members via your IPSA online account

IPSA's Longest-Running Publication

Created 1951, the INTERNATIONAL POLITICAL SCIENCE ABSTRACTS is among the most important sources of bibliographical information for researchers and students in political science and in related fields. Six issues annually provide about 8,000 abstracts of articles selected from among nearly 1,000 journals and yearbooks worldwide. Now in its 60th year, the print edition has been published by SAGE London since 2007. Editor Paul Godt and co-editor Serge Hurtig invite IPSA members to subscribe at the special price of US$91 instead of 182$ (contact membership@ipsa.org). Libraries and other institutions interested in the fully searchable online database are asked to contact EBSCO (database from Vol. 1, Issue 1) or Ovid (since 1989), each of which offers substantial discounts to developing countries. 

Political Science News

Call for Papers: First International Conference on Public Policy

Sciences Po Grenoble

Grenoble, France

26 June, 2013 - 28 June, 2013

Call for Papers: First International Conference on Public Policy

Deadline: 1 February, 2013

Public policy has become an established focus of scholarly endeavour over the last 50 years, with participants from a range of disciplines – including economics, political science, public administration, geography, sociology and law – wading into a variety of inter- and multi-disciplinary areas, such as labour studies, women’s studies, environmental studies, governance studies and public management studies. Some researchers have focused on theories and concepts such as discourse analysis or public choice theory; on frameworks of analysis such as network theory or advocacy coalitions; and on the policy process (e.g. agenda-setting or decision-making). Others have brought their efforts to bear on the development of professional modes of practice (policy analysis and appraisal, and the evaluation and policy work), while others still have opted to concentrate on specific subject areas such as health policy, education policy, energy policy, welfare policy, and policy dynamics and change (such as punctuated equilibrium theory and path dependency analysis).

While there is no shortage of divergent conversations among scholars in the field, opportunities for scholars to come together are too few and far between. Some conferences focus on professional practice, though many others are subject-centered or discipline-specific. There is a pressing need for a meeting space in which a broad and representative spectrum of scholars interested in public policy can come together and learn from one another.

As chairs of policy-relevant IPSA research committees, we see a need for a global approach to these subjects. We are proposing a joint international conference, therefore, to be held every two years in the “off-year” between IPSA congresses. We see this conference as a forum for a growing international community of researchers working on public policy, one that gives them the opportunity to present empirical findings, further develop and refine existing debates and scholarship, and promote innovation and consistency in research programs, methods and concepts.

Although this conference has been created under the auspices of the two IPSA research committees most directly focused on public policy (RC30 Comparative Public Policy and RC32 Public Policy and Administration) with support from other policy-related IPSA RCs dealing with local government, gender policy and health policy, and with related policy groups and organizations in Europe and North America, our goal is to enlarge the organizing and scientific committees to include all public policy networks from other disciplines as well as inter-disciplinary orientations in these and other areas from around the globe.

By creating a biennial international conference, the project is intended not only to bring together researchers from all over the world on a regular basis, but also to reinforce exchanges between researchers already involved in IPSA and other cognate organizations, and thus create a far-ranging network and space for research on public policy within and across disciplines, beginning with political science but extending to other groups of policy investigators and thinkers.

During this conference, junior and senior researchers will be given opportunities to present and discuss new research as well as theoretical, conceptual, methodological and empirical findings through a system of panels and workshops with audience participation, and to discuss common papers through a system of conference speakers and plenary discussions. This conference will also provide opportunities to forge links between researchers and scientific journals and publishers interested in policy sciences, as well as links between scholars and practitioners interested in advancing policy and policy-relevant knowledge.

The conference is sponsored by:

Six Research Committees (RC) of the International Political Science Association (IPSA)

RC05 - Comparative Studies on Local Government and Politics

RC19 - Gender Politics and Policy

RC25 - Comparative Health Policy

RC30 - Comparative Public Policy

RC32 - Public Policy and Administration

RC38 - Business and Politics

  • The Standing Group 39 on Theoretical Perspectives in Policy Analysis of the European Consortium for Political Research (ECPR)
  • The Russian Political Studies Association (PSA)
  • The Public Policy Section of the The American Political Science Association (APSA)
  • The French Political Science Association (AFSP)


  • XI Conference of the Spanish Association of Political and Administrative Science

The 11th Conference of the Spanish PSA (AECPA) takes place in Seville from September 18 to 20, 2013. “Politics in uncertain times” will serve as the theme and focus of the conference.

For complete details, go to www.aecpa.es

Books by Members

A Political Legacy of the British Empire - Power and the Parliamentary System in Post Colonial India and Sri Lanka

By Harshan Kumarasingham More information ...

Case Studies and Causal Inference: An Integrated Framework

By Ingo Rohlfing More information  ...

La transition démocratique à la lumière des expériences comparées

Sous la direction de  Hatem M'rad M. L. Fadhel Moussa More information ...

Gouvernement de coalition et enjeux politiques

Par L'Association tunisienne d'études politiques More information ...

Set-Theoretic Methods for the Social Sciences. A Guide to Qualitative Comparative Analysis

By Carsten Q. Schneider Claudius Wagemann More information ...

Grandes Discursos Do Século XX

Edited by Fulvio Attina More information ...

O Poder Politico E A Segurança

Edited by Eduardo Pereira Correia Raquel Duque More information ...

Upcoming Events


University of the Philippines Asian Center and AC Balangay: The Evolving Economic Landscape of Asia - Avenues for Cooperation and Constructive Competition 19 January, 2013 Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines

IPSA/AISP 4th Annual Summer School - Concepts, Methods and Techniques in Political Science and International Relations 21 January-8 February, 2013 São Paulo, Brazil

Distinguished Speaker Series 2012-2013 - US Politics and the 2012 Presidential Election 23 January-5 March, 2013 Windsor, Canada

Association of Politics Science and the Department of Politics and International Affairs, Northern Arizona University: Fanaticism and the Abolition-Democracy: Critical Theory in the Spirit of Joel Olson 25-26 January, 2013 Flagstaff, United States

Premier colloque des jeunes chercheurs en études critiques du politique 25-26 January, 2013 France

2nd Graduate Conference on the Internationalization of Public Policy 28 January, 2013 - 29 January, 2013 Hamilton, Canada

Fault-Lines in Regional Security: Economy, Military, and Innovation in the Western Hemisphere Politics 29-31 January, 2013 Washington, United States

22nd Annual Symposium on Conflict Resolution - Conflict, Consciousness, Identity and Meaning-Making 31 January-1 February, 2013 Ottawa, Canada

Congrès annuel de l’Association Suisse de Science Politique - SVPW/ASSP 31 January-1 February, 2013 Zurich, Switzerland

Lisbon Winter School in Research Skills and Methods 4-16 February, 2013 Lisbon, Portugal

2013 International Winter School on Federalism and Governance 4-15 February, 2013 Innsbruck, Austria

Reclaiming Global Governance: Prospects for an Uncertain World - Canadian Foreign Policy Journal Workshop 5-6 February, 2013 Waterloo, Canada

Les centrismes en Europe - Colloque organisé par le CHERPA 7-8 February, 2013 Aix-en-Provence, France

Political Economy of International Organisations (PEIO) 7-9 February, 2013 Mannheim/Heidelberg, Germany

American Political Science Association: 2013 Teaching and Learning Conference 8-10 February, 2013 Long Beach, United States

The Right to Know: Examining 15 Years of the Freedom of Information Act in Ireland 11 February, 2013 Limerick, Ireland

2013 Annual Meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science : The Beauty and Benefits of Science 14-18 February, 2013 Boston, United States

Australian & New Zealand Studies Association of North America 2013 Conference 14-16 February, 2013 Washington D.C., United States

Course on Multi-Method Research 17-22 February, 2013 Vienna, Austria

The 2nd European Consortium for Political Research Winter School in Methods and Techniques 17-22 February, 2013 Vienna, Austria

Thinking Out of the Box: Devising New European Policies to Face the Arab Spring (NEPAS) 21-22 February, 2013 Braga, Portugal

China and the World After the 18th NCCPC / La Chine et le Monde après le XVIIIe Congrès du PCC 21-22 February, 2013 Montreal, Canada

11th Annual Graduate Research Conference : Conflict and Globalization 22 February, 2013 Norfolk, United States

University of South Carolina Graduate Research Conference 23 February, 2013 Columbia, United States

Challenges on Climate Change 25-26 February, 2013 Madrid, Spain

Ready for Democracy? Religion and Political Culture in the Orthodox and Islamic World - Russian and East European Institute 28 February-2 March, 2013 Bloomington, United States

Call for Papers

Whither Europe? European integration in transformation - Institute of European Studies Conference 19-20 September, 2013 Krakow, Poland Deadline: 20 January, 2013

Terrorisme(s) et violence(s) politique(s) : état des lieux de la recherche dans le monde francophone et perspectives contemporaines 6-10 May, 2013 Québec, Canada Deadline: 25 January, 2013

VII Congress of the Bolivian Studies Association 29 July-1 August, 2013 Sucre, Chuquisaca, Bolivia Deadline: 25 January, 2013

Évaluation des approches Théoriques de l’analyse des conflits civils en Afrique 6-10 May, 2013 Québec, Canada Deadline: 30 January, 2013

Values, crisis and democracy: Conference organized by GESIS Leibniz-Institute for the Social Sciences 26-27 September, 2013 Cologne, Germany Deadline: 30 January, 2013

Iowa Association of Political Scientists Conference 1-2 March, 2013 Davenport, United States Deadline: 31 January, 2013

Des ordres et désordre : L’article 28 de la Déclaration universelle des droits de l’homme comme fondement d’une contestation légitime de l’ordre international 27-29 May, 2013 Montréal, Canada Deadline: 31 January, 2013

Autorité, obéissance, résistance et désobéissance : perspectives des XIXe & XXe siècles 27-29 May, 2013 Montréal, Canada Deadline: 31 January, 2013

Les modèles de capitalisme et l'avenir de la social-démocratie 27-29 May, 2013 Montréal, Canada Deadline: 31 January, 2013

Militarisme et militarisation au Canada et au Québec 27-29 May, 2013 Montréal, Canada Deadline: 31 January, 2013

La Commission royale d’enquête sur le bilinguisme et le biculturalisme a 50 ans : retour sur une période révolue? 6-10 May, 2013 Québec, Canada Deadline: 31 January, 2013

Mexican Political Science Association: 1st International Conference of the Mexican Political Science Association (AMECIP) 26-28 August, 2013 Guanajuato, Mexico Deadline: 31 January, 2013

Centre for Humanistic Studies of the University of Minho Conference: Rhetoric, Between the Theory and Practice of Politics 21-22 June, 2013 Braga, Portugal Deadline: 1 February, 2013

George Washington Forum, Ohio University: Equality & Public Policy 14-16 November, 2013 Athens, United States Deadline: 1 February, 2013

7th ECPR General Conference (various panels) 4-7 September, 2013 Bordeaux, France Deadline: 1 February, 2013

La pensée conservatrice en ébullition 6-10 May, 2013 Québec, Canada Deadline: 1 February, 2013

Political Violence in Time and Space 4-7 September, 2013 Bordeaux, France Deadline: 1 February, 2013

European Federation of Associations and Centres of Irish Studies (EFACIS) Conference ‘Towards 2016: Old and New Irelands’ 5-8 June, 2013 Galway, Ireland Deadline: 1 February, 2013

Sociologie du droit et action politique - Congrès mondial ISA/RCSL 2013 3-6 September, 2013 Toulouse, France Deadline: 1 February, 2013

Can Brazil Lead in South America? Trade and Regional Affairs Cooperation 1-2 May, 2013 Rio de Janiero, Brazil Deadline: 1 February, 2013

First International Conference on Public Policy 26-28 June, 2013 Grenoble, France Deadline: 1 February, 2013

IPSA's RC21-29 International Expert Conference : Comparative Study on the Role of Higher Education and Communication in the Process of Political Socialization from Perspective of Globalization 18-20 September, 2013 Xuzhou, China Deadline: 1 February, 2013

Culture, Social Capital and Politics: Cultural and Social Perspectives on Political Studies and International Relations 23-25 May, 2013 Aarhus, Denmark Deadline: 1 February, 2013

2013 World Social Science Forum: Social Transformation and the Digital Age **Extended Deadline** 13-15 October, 2013 Montreal, Canada Deadline: 5 February, 2013

26th Annual Conference of the International Association for Conflict Management 30 June-3 July, 2013 Tacoma, United States Deadline: 8 February, 2013

Communication de masse et propagande aujourd’hui 27-29 May, 2013 Montréal, Canada Deadline: 8 February, 2013

Politics in Crisis?: An interdisciplinary postgraduate conference on international relations, international political economy, international political theory and British politics 26-27 April, 2013 Nottingham, United Kingdom Deadline: 8 February, 2013

Henry Institute for the Study of Religion and Politics: Symposium on Religion and Politics 25-27 April, 2013 Grand Rapids, United States Deadline: 15 February, 2013

2013 Annual Conference of the British Columbia Political Studies Association 2-3 May, 2013 Vancouver, Canada Deadline: 15 February, 2013

Macedonia 2013: 100 Years After the Treaty of Bucharest 25 July-3 August, 2013 Skopje & Ohrid, Macedonia Deadline: 15 February, 2013

Politics, Violence and the Sacred: Exploring René Girard’s thought in Security and International Studies 23-24 May, 2013 Lancashire, United Kingdom Deadline: 15 February, 2013

People and the Planet 2013: Transforming the Future 2-4 July, 2013 Melbourne, Australia Deadline: 15 February, 2013

Comparing the French and American 2012 Presidential Campaigns: a new transnational model of campaigning or two specific patterns? 14-15 June, 2013 Paris, France Deadline: 16 February, 2013

The Institute of Area Studies at Jagiellonian Conference: Ethnicity, Culture, Politics: Mutual Dependencies 18-19 April, 2013 Cracow, Poland Deadline: 21 February, 2013

Call for Panels: 2nd Annual International Conference in Governance and Public Affairs 3-5 July, 2013 Pozuelo de Alarcón, Spain Deadline: 24 February, 2013

Multidisciplinary Approaches in Language Policy and Planning Conference 2013 5-7 September, 2013 Calgary, Canada Deadline: 28 February, 2013

Call for Papers (Journal)

Politikon Deadline: 25 January, 2013

Revista Enfoques : Ciencia Política y Administración Pública Deadline: 31 January, 2013

AGS International Studies Review Deadline: 31 January, 2013

Federalism-e Deadline: 15 February, 2013

Book | Impacts of the Knowledge Society on Economic and Social Growth in Africa Deadline: 28 February, 2013

Job, Fellowship & Internship Offers

Professeur en politique comparée ou relations internationales, spécialisation sur le Moyen-Orient Québec, Canada

Chair of the Department of Politics and Public Administration Toronto, Canada

Janet Dora Hine Chaire of Politics, Governance and Ethics Sydney, Australia

Full-time regular position in Comparative Politics and International Relations Vancouver Island, Canada

Term-length appointment as Visiting Professor Ottawa, Canada

Research Position in Political Science Konstanz, Germany

Assistant Professorship in International Organisation St. Gallen, Switzerland

Doctoral Student Research Associate Opportunity In Health Care Governance Halifax, Canada

Graduate Scholarships in Political Science London, Canada

Lecturers (Two Positions, equivalent to Assistant Professor) Acton, Australia

Professeur(e) en politique appliquée Sherbrooke, Canada

Bourses postdoctorales et bourse de recherche Ottawa, Canada

Tenure-track Appointment in Comparative Politics Halifax, Canada

Abby Benjamin Postdoctoral Fellowship in Animal Studies Kingston, Canada

Professor and Head of Department Singapore

Lecturer in International Security and Terrorism Belfast, United Kingdom

Limited Terms Appointments in Political Science London, Canada

Associate Professor/Professor in Political Economy Sydney, Australia

Two-year Sessional Assistant Professor position in Public Administration and Public Policy Toronto, Canada

Doctoral Research Fellows (2-3) in Concepts and Taxonomies Zurich, Switzerland

Full-Time Faculty Position in US Politics Ottawa, Canada


The ACUNS Dissertation Award Deadline: 31 January, 2013

Donald Smiley Prize/Prix Donald Smiley Deadline: 15 February, 2013

CPSA Prize in International Relations/Prix de l'ACSP en relations internationales Deadline: 15 February, 2013

Vincent Lemieux Prize/Prix Vincent Lemieux Deadline: 15 February, 2013

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