• 2012 IPSA World Congress of Political Science

Reordering Power, Shifting Boundaries

Thousands of political scientists are expected to attend the next IPSA World Congress, which takes place in Madrid in July 2012.

If you are among them, a PDF on the general theme of the congress is available in English and Spanish at  www.ipsa.orgunder the menu Events/Madrid 2012.

Reorganizando el Poder, Ampliando los Límites

¿Serás uno de los miles de cientistas políticos que participarán en el próximo Congreso Mundial de IPSA, en Madrid en julio de 2012? Descarga un PDF del Tema General , en inglés o español, en www.ipsa.org bajo el menú Events/Madrid 2012.

What Ever Happened to North-South?

  • Join IPSA and ECPR in Sao Paulo, Brazil, from February 16 to 19, 2011.

Sign up to receive the call for papers as soon as it is published by forwarding your name to saopaulo2011@ipsa.org.

The conference will be hosted by the Brazilian Political Science Association at the University of Sao Paulo. Details are available at  http://saopaulo2011.ipsa.org.

Participation, Vol. 34, No. 1 (2010), Is Now Available!

  • The latest issue of Participation is now out.

In this issue:

* Luxembourg 2010 IPSA International Conference. Is There a European Model of Governance? A Comparative Perspective

* Elinor Ostrom: Nobel laureate and colleague

* L'Association suisse de science politique: 50 ans d'activité

* IPSA and the Beijing Plus Fifteen meeting

* News from Research Committees and national associations

Please consult the online copy at http://www.ipsa.org/site/content/view/1188/80/lang,en

Paper-based copies of Participation will be distributed to members next week.

Cambridge Journals

On behalf of leading organizations worldwide, Cambridge publishes top-level journals on political science and international relations, including the American Political Science Review (for the American Political Science Association) and the Review of International Studies (for the British International Studies Association).

Visit their website at http://journals.cambridge.org/ for the complete list.

Submit an Article to IPSR and Read the Journal

First published in 1980, the INTERNATIONAL POLITICAL SCIENCE REVIEW (IPSR) is a major international journal committed to publishing material that makes a significant contribution to international political science. It meets the need to study political phenomena in the context of increased international interdependence and global change.

IPSR welcomes work by scholars focusing on controversial themes, developing innovative concepts and methodologies of political analysis, and venturing beyond the scope of a single culture.

The editors of IPSR, Yvonne Galligan and Mark Kesselman, invite you to submit an article by visiting http://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/ipsr.

Master in Political Science: Central and Eastern European Politics and Societies

We’re delighted to announce the launch of a new double-degree master’s program in political science titled Central and Eastern European Politics and Societies.

This two-year program is jointly offered by the Université libre de Bruxelles, the University of Bucharest and the University of Wroclaw.

As well as a double degree, awarded by the entrance university and a second university (chosen in part for its proximity and accessibility), holders will also receive a certificate signed by the three partner universities. Coordinated by the three universities, this integrated program of study will offer multinational teaching methods using innovative pedagogical tools, a number of specialized courses, as well as opportunities to learn a new language in the selected country and gain valuable work experience in a specific cultural, social and political context.

Students are invited to enrol in one of the three partner universities.

The first year of study will be completed in the political science department of their choice (Brussels, Bucharest, or Wroclaw), the second in one of the other universities. Studying abroad can be a rewarding and eye-opening way to experience university life. As well as the year of study abroad, the master’s program gives students chance to take part in study trips to Romania, Poland and Belgium. A series of joint activities (conferences and seminars) will be held in the partner universities.

With this master’s program, graduates will be well prepared for a variety of job opportunities requiring in-depth knowledge of the political, economic and social issues at play in Central and Eastern Europe. The program prepares students for careers in academia, the private and public sector, think-tanks, NGOs, foundations, media, EU institutions, and international organizations.

Courses will be given in French and English at the Université libre de Bruxelles, in English and Polish at the University of Wroclaw, and in English, French and Romanian at the University of Bucharest.

The enrolment deadline is August 31, 2010.

For details, please contact us by email at ceeps@ulb.ac.be.

Details are also available at http://dev.ulb.ac.be/sciencespo/dossiers_fichiers/ma-eur-sc-po2.pdf

IPSA's longest-running publication

Created in 1951, the INTERNATIONAL POLITICAL SCIENCE ABSTRACTS is among the most important sources of bibliographical information for researchers and students in political science and in related fields. Six issues annually provide about 8,000 abstracts of articles selected from among nearly 1,000 journals (and yearbooks) worldwide. Currently in its 60th year, the print edition has been published by SAGE London since 2007. Editor Paul Godt and Co-Editor Serge Hurtig invite IPSA members to subscribe at the special price of US$85 (contact membership@ipsa.org). Libraries and other institutions interested in the fully searchable online database are asked to contact EBSCO (database from Vol. 1, Issue 1) or Ovid (since 1989), each of which offers substantial discounts to developing countries.

Foreign Affairs Essay Contest for Undergraduate Students

Foreign Affairs wishes to give tomorrow’s leaders an opportunity to demonstrate innovative thinking on issues that shape their world. In the inaugural Foreign Affairs Essay Contest, a panel made up of Foreign Affairs editorial staff will select one undergraduate essay, which will be published on the Foreign Affairs website. The winner will also receive a cash prize of $500, and five honourable mentions will receive a complementary one-year subscription to Foreign Affairs.

For details, visit  http://www.ipsa.org/site/content/view/1170/38/lang,en/.

Entries must be submitted by June 1, 2010.

Nomos Verlagsgesellschaft

As well as boast an excellent reputation, Nomos Verlagsgesellschaft has years of experience as a publisher of scholarly works in the fields of law, social sciences, media and economics, thus making Nomos one of the few publishing companies with such a broad-ranging program. We guarantee that our publications present the latest cross-disciplinary approaches to current issues. The more than 300 series published by Nomos reflect a diversity and breadth of scholarship. Our high standards are ensured by peer review, meaning that acceptance of your work as part of a series is an additional mark of quality. In addition, our scholarly publishing program includes over 40 journals and a broad spectrum of textbooks for students and professionals. We work closely with academic and scientific institutions, foundations, organizations and associations. www.nomos-shop.de (in German)

The Portal of Political Science!

Use IPSAPORTAL to navigate the top online political science resources. More than 300 outstanding websites are selected, reviewed and evaluated to provide scholars and students worldwide with an extraordinary research tool.  IPSA Portal was recently enhanced with a Feeds section making it possible to receive the latest content from selected websites. IPSAPORTAL is available at http://ipsaportal.net/.

Books by Members

Democratization and the European Union: Comparing Central and Eastern European Post-Communist Countries. Edited by Leonardo Morlino & Wojciech Sadurski

Rule of Law and Democracy:  Inquiries into Internal and External Issues. Edited by Leonardo Morlino & Gianluigi Palombella

The Internet Generation: Engaged Citizens or Political Dropouts. By Henry Milner