International Workshop - How Does Terrorism End?

26-27 May 2011

Institut Barcelona d'Estudis Internacionals (IBEI)

One of the most important terrorism-related questions for the world today is how terrorism ends, or at least diminishes. For scholars interested in counter terrorism, the question is perhaps more salient than questions about root causes. The answer to ‘how terrorism ends’ is also interesting because the mechanisms of decline do not simply mirror the mechanisms of how terrorism arises. Recognizing this pattern forces both practitioners and scholars to think differently about the factors and processes with which counterterrorism must be concerned. This workshop will bring together scholars and experts who have examined different experiences of counter-terrorism and point to how some of these policies have contributed to the decline of political violence.



The workshop is open to interested parties from the academic world, business and the media, and to students. All those wishing to attend are requested to register beforehand with the conference administration, Carlos Sánchez,