GESIS Meeting - Introduction to Network Analysis with R (26-27 Nov, Online)

GESIS workshop

This workshop provides an introduction into theoretical concepts as well as methods of data collection and analysis for social networks with R. The first day is dedicated to definitions and terminologies, influential models and their importance for the empirical collection of network data. We investigate several examples of research (data) and reflect on suitable research questions and requirements of research designs in the process of collecting data. Various approaches are discussed, along with the potential drawbacks and biases of the resulting measures. We also provide examples for network questions from traditional survey questionnaires.

In addition, we will analyze social networks with the open-source software R. We start with introducing two of the most popular packages for SNA in R, “igraph” and “statnet”. After understanding relevant objects and packages' organization, we describe the intuition behind structural and positional network metrics, such as density, centrality, or modularity, and practice their calculation as well as their visualization.