CSIC Postdoctoral research contracts (for 3 years), the call has allocated 7 posts to the CCHS

CSIC Postdoctoral research contracts (for 3 years), the call has allocated 7 posts to the CCHS
Published (December 25th, 2010)
At IPP-CCHS, we expect to have the possibility of hiring post-docs in each of the following areas/departments:
Science Dynamics and Innovation
Environmental Economics
Comparative Politics

Deadline for applications: 8th February 2010

1. Aims of the Call. Contracting PhDs for 3 years in some of the research areas mentioned.
2. Basic conditions. Starting salary (2010) of 27.540 euros gross per year (plus social security and health benefits).
3. Requirements:
PhD degree finished (since 2001) or granted before spring 2011 the end of the administrative procedure).
Open for European Union national and non-EU nationals.
Post-docs should join R&D projects and teams to develop their own activity under the supervision of a CSIC permanent researcher

4. Online application is available at: https://www.convocatorias.csic.es/convoca/

5. Documents required

a) Curriculum vitae of the applicant.
b) Project proposal and work plan for the 3 years research activity (max. 5 pages).
c) CV of the principal investigator of the research group which the applicant would like to join.

6. Selection Criteria.
a) Scientific and academic merits of the candidate (50%).
b) Quality and scientific capabilities of the Principal Investigator and the research team (30%)
c) Quality of the project proposal (20%).

6. Contracts: Expected to start before summer 2011, but subject to negotiation with the candidate

PUBLISHED AT THE Spanish Official Journal (BOE) (http://www.boe.es)

All Candidates are welcome.
More information: Director.ipp@csic.es  or (+34) 91-602.2535
CSIC-CCHS-IPP is an equal opportunity employer.
Disclaimer: This information is provided for the sake of clarity. The legal conditions are exclusively those contained in the official legal call announced in the BOE.