Call for Papers International Humanities Studies 6(2), June 2019

IHS invites you to submit your scientific articles in the field of humanities for the upcoming issue of the journal, 6(2), June 2019.

The international humanities studies is a global peer reviewed Journal. Its objective is to disseminate knowledge on the subject of humanities and its many branches, using a professional global arena with emphasis on research in humanities with no connection to either ideological or biased research.

IHS aims to publish the highest quality articles in both theoretical and applied research. The Journal covers scientific articles in humanities studies, especially sociology and political science, anthropology, criminology, archaeology, business and economics, cross cultural studies, development, education, geography, history, gender & women, law, library, media, linguistics, philosophy, methodology and statistics, psychology, social work or any other related fields.

The IHS is a scientific consortium which offers scholars a professional tool to publish and promote their recent articles; enabling them to work efficiently and provide researchers with scientific access to the best articles thereby advancing knowledge and learning. Moreover, IHS seeks to improve communication between scholars, researchers, readers and communities within the academic and other research arenas, including policy-makers and operational decision-makers.

It is the vision of IHS to publish descriptions of all aspects of basic and applied studies in the field of humanities studies that meet the general criteria of significance and scientific excellence using the open access model of publication. The journal issues are published regularly. In addition, special issues devoted to important topics in humanities studies will occasionally be published.

IHS scientific articles are freely available to thousands of researchers and scholars worldwide through IHS web and its international scientific indexes and partners; taken into consideration that International Humanities Studies has a Global Impact Factor of 1.140 for 2018 as follows:

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